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Research in the Humanities

Welcome to the University of Utah
College of Humanities Office of Research

U Humanities faculty, we are here to support you in your research and other scholarly pursuits, including helping you find grants and fellowships that match your research interests; assisting with preparing and submitting funding proposals; and providing  grant training and pre- and post-award services. If this is your first visit, the Funding Resources and Proposal Resources sections are great places to start. If you would like to meet about your research and funding needs, please contact us.

Please notify us as soon as you decide to apply for any grants or fellowships. This includes all external funding opportunities, including if you are submitting directly to a funder, as well as any internal funding opportunities, including limited submission opportunities (LOS). This also includes if you are a co-PI on a proposal being submitted by another college or university. 

Why work with us?

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Coordination with Internal & External Teams

Certain applications must go through the U’s Office of Sponsored Projects (OSP), and proposals to foundations need to be coordinated with University Advancement. We can connect you with the applicable internal contact in advance.

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Budgets, Forms, Approvals & Submissions

Help is available for budgets, forms, compliance, approvals, user accounts, and submissions to ensure all university and funder requirements are met. Please contact our college grants officer no later than 2 weeks before the application deadline.

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Grant Writing Guidance & Assistance 

Grant writing assistance is alsoavailable, including help with application outlines and checklists, proposal review and feedback, and grant writing training and resources. Please reach out to our college grant writer at least 4 weeks in advance.

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Proposal Added to Reseacher Profile

All submissions – whether successful at obtaining funding or not – are of merit and are evidence of research activity for your professional record with the University. We can ensure your applications are documented as part of your Researcher Profile.

*Be advised that we can offer our full services to those who start working with us well before a granting agency’s deadlines.

Last Updated: 5/17/24