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Student Research Support



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Elevate Your Academic Experience

As a top Research 1 (R1) institution, University of Utah provides students with unparalleled access to state-of-the-art facilities, leading research programs, and outstanding faculty researchers – fostering an environment that emphasizes extraordinary hands-on learning experiences. Engaging in research at both the undergraduate and graduate level not only enriches students’ academic experience but also positions them advantageously for future educational and career opportunities.

Humanities students at the University of Utah can participate in a variety of research opportunities in their major or in a topic that interests them, including opportunities to work with faculty mentors on projects. For more information about student resources and support, contact the COH Student Success Team.

Undergrad Research Opportunities

COH Student Conference Travel Award supports undergraduate students attending conferences to present research. Undergraduate students in the Humanities are encouraged to apply for the award.

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Office of Undergraduate Research (OUR) administers various research programs, scholarships, and travel grants for undergrad students.

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Associated Students of the University of Utah (ASUU) offers travel funding reimbursements on a limited basis for student domestic travel.

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Fulbright has opportunities for undergrads to study, conduct research, or teach English abroad. Applications are due to the University in advance of the national deadline.


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Wilkes Center has funding opportunities for undergrad student research projects in climate science and environmental studies.


Graduate Research Opportunities

COH Graduate Student Conference/Research Travel Award supports Humanities graduate students attending conferences to present research and/or conducting research that requires travel. The award matches up to $500 in funds secured from other entities, e.g., student’s department, Graduate School, ASU, etc.  


U Graduate School administers various assistantships, fellowships, scholarships, and other awards for grad students, including funding for travel and conference fees. They also post nationally competitive opportunities for students.


Digital Matters offers grad student fellowships that include a stipend for a semester-long part-time residency at its center in the Marriot Library to work on a digital humanities research project.

Tanner Humanities Center offers grad student fellowships that include a stipend for an academic-year residency at its center on the U campus to work on humanities research and program of study

Wilkes Center offers postdoctoral fellowships, grad student research and travel funds, and a student innovation prize in the areas of climate science and environmental studies.

American Council of Learned Societies (ACLS) has a variety of fellowships and grants for projects that advance knowledge in the humanities and interpretive social sciences.

Fulbright has opportunities for grad students to teach, conduct research, and carry out projects abroad. Applications are due to the University in advance of the national deadline

National Science Foundation (NSF) offers multiple graduate researcher funding opportunities. Check out the funding search on NSF’s website and the NSF Education and Training Application. Also, grad students in some Humanities fields – such as Communication, Linguistics, and Philosophy – are eligible for the NSF Graduate Research Fellowship Program.

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